Emilie Autumn ha decidido liberar durante el día de hoy su álbum Fight Like a Girl. Los motivos de dicha liberación ella misma nos los cuenta aquí.

I am giving away my Fight Like A Girl album free today, so please take it and share it with someone you think it might empower.

Here is the download link:

If you are scared, if you are sad, if you are hopeless, sing with me.

If you believe that sexism and sexual assault and racism and homophobia and climate change are not only real but that they are NOT good things (because to much of America they are all “just fine” things), sing with me.

Stay enraged, stay loud, and stay you.

One foot in front of the other.

~ EA

Igualmente aquí os dejamos el enlace para que podáis descargarlo desde su web aquí.
Cabaret de Medianoche
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